What people say


“I’m very grateful to have found Urja during what was a difficult time for me. Over the course of several months, I found her to be is a skilful, kind, practical, & above all effective therapist. I always felt safe & cared for during our sessions & the benefits I’ve received have been of tremendous help to me. I assume if you’re reading this that you are considering seeking her help – all I can say really is that I hold her in the highest regard & can recommend her to you wholeheartedly”.  Jason


“After the death of a close family member, I went through the most difficult time of my life. Urja’s holistic approach to counselling helped me to not only understand and experience grief but more importantly gave me the tools to help myself and keep moving forward. Her support and kindness over a few months showed me much more than I ever imagined.  I feel so privileged to have met her”.  Jenni 


“I have, with differing goals and issues enjoyed a series of sessions with Urja. She is a skilled practitioner and a respectful and gentle person and very present for me. Our sessions are interesting, often surprising and have challenged me at times, but I’ve always felt very supported. The outcomes of these wonderful journeys have been deeply transformative”.  Marga


“The counselling sessions I had with Urja were both enlightening and cathartic. She is an empathetic counsellor who, through her insight and knowledge, assisted me with voicing some deep-seated trauma and pain. Urja created a safe environment that was conducive to me exploring and finding a greater understanding of my anxieties and a greater awareness of my hopes for the future. Thank you Urja”.  Lisa