Welcome to my website!


I love this picture. I’ve chosen it to represent my work as a counsellor and psychotherapist. The room is warm, solid and soft at the same time. The rug is handmade, the wood polished and the chairs comfortable.  There is ample light that brings out the iridescence in the surrounding timber. Behind the chairs is the history and theories of psychotherapy.  The knowledge of my predecessors imbibes the room and gives the direction and purpose for our being here.

An open door invites us as curious individuals to step inside and the chairs arranged in a circle, invite us to sit, contemplate and reflect on ourselves in the world, in the room, in our body and with each other.


I am a counsellor and Gestalt psychotherapist seeing individuals and couples. I work with those who want to change their lives and their relationships. Some of the problems I work with are depression, anxiety, panic attacks, grief & loss, times of transition, trauma, abuse, confusion, crisis, lack of confidence, relationship distress as well as personal growth. I see the process as one that is basically transformative as the capacity to make creative and fulfilling choices increases through a deeper understanding of self and a growing awareness of one’s own resources. Feelings of stuckness dissolve and a greater sense of confidence in ones’ ability to meet life’s challenges grows in an essential way.

Please take a look around at the rest of the site if you are interested in finding out who I am regarding counselling and therapy and how I can help you. Please call me on 0439 802 218 if you have an inquiry or would like a chat about making an appointment. If I can’t answer straight away I’ll get back to you at the first available opportunity.

Warm regards


PS I am on leave from 27th April 2018 and return to work on Friday 29th June 2018. I am available throughout this time to make appointments and answer inquiries via email.


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